Chard Snyder Marketplace

As the industry continues to evolve legislatively, the reality of health coverage is possible for more people in multiple ways.

The Chard Snyder Marketplace is an optional health benefits service for our COBRA clients. The Marketplace provides COBRA qualified beneficiaries with alternatives to electing and/or continuing COBRA coverage.

With the Chard Snyder Marketplace individuals are empowered to make smart choices about their health and benefits with options from a wide range of health insurance plans, guaranteed acceptance and the potential for subsidies from the federal government. Single health plans are often a more affordable alternative to COBRA. It offers a win-win for the individual and employer financially – enabling the individual to shop for coverage at a lower cost and the employer to move risk from their plan.

Chard Snyder Marketplace Health Insurance Options for COBRA

You must click the I Agree button to view individual health insurance options for COBRA eligible consumers offered through the Chard Snyder Marketplace.

I understand that I need to give my approval to see information about options other than COBRA for health insurance, and by clicking I Agree I authorize Chard Snyder to show me this information.

I understand:

  • The health insurance options I see are independent and are not related to the option I have been provided for COBRA health insurance and are not related to my previous employer's health insurance. As such, the laws relating to COBRA coverage do not apply to the insurance options I will see from the Chard Snyder Marketplace.
  • By reviewing information from the Chard Snyder Marketplace, I am under no obligation to buy any product or service.
  • The premiums for individual health insurance are set by law, and the premiums I will see displayed on the Chard Snyder Marketplace site are the same that I would see at any other health insurance website or from any other health insurance agent or broker based on the same information.
  • Chard Snyder and the Chard Snyder Marketplace do not receive compensation from any health plan carrier for preferential presentation or display of their health plans; all health plans are presented objectively, based on information I provide.
  • Chard Snyder may receive compensation for their marketing services.

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