How the TRP Works

The Transportation and Parking Plan is designed to save employees money on the costs of commuting to and from work. Employees may set aside tax-free dollars to pay for the cost of parking their vehicle or the costs of riding the bus or other public transportation.

Employees use their Benny® prepaid benefits card to pay for vanpool or transportation vouchers or passes where available. It’s easy and it keeps cash in employees’ pockets. Many parking garages and meters also accept the prepaid benefits card.

Where parking systems don’t accept the prepaid benefits card, employees may submit a claim by mobile app, website, email, fax, or mail for prompt reimbursement. The IRS requires that all claims are filed within 180 days of spending the money.
Plan for Maximum Savings
Employees may contribute up to the IRS maximum monthly amount for public transit passes, parking or vanpooling costs into their Transportation and Parking Plan and save on every dollar spent. If employees’ commuting circumstances change, their human resources department can tell them how to enroll, change or stop deductions according to their plan rules.

Annual Maximum Contributions 2016 2017
Parking Plan $255 $255
Transit Plan $255 $255