Our Plans & Services

Yes we offer Savings and Spending Accounts (FSAs, HRAs, HSAs, TRPs), Benefit Continuation Services (COBRA, Retiree Billing, Direct Billing), Plan Document Services and FMLA Leave Administration. But the most important service we provide is our ability to tap into what really matters to people – advisors, employers and employees.

What We Really Sell

  • A no-noise atmosphere through employee benefits expertise, responsiveness and comprehensive processes
  • A decrease in workload, prompt problem solving and simple plan administration
  • Security in knowing funds are saved to plan ahead and pay for some of the most important events in life
  • Convenience of 24/7 access to accounts with the ability to easily make changes when wanted or needed

We make it simple for you to recommend and offer employee benefit programs to meet your own business objectives and to make your stakeholders happy - our version of "win-win-win."