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The Benny® Prepaid Benefits Card is an easy way to keep cash in your pocket while using your Flexible Spending Account. As a new participant you will be mailed a set of two cards in your name. Your healthcare election will be available on the first day of your plan year. If your plan allows you to use your Benny for your dependent daycare expenses, the amount you elected will be made available as deductions are made from your paycheck.

Don't throw away your Benny. It will be reloaded each year until the expiration date; then you will receive new cards. Call us if you wish to order a set of two extra or replacement cards.

Using your Benny Prepaid Benefits Card at the Store

The easiest way to pay for eligible expenses is with your Benny Prepaid Benefits Card at the cash register of a store that can identify FSA-eligible items at the checkout:

  • Tell the cashier you want to pay for your FSA eligible items with Benny and pay for any other purchases a different way
  • Give the cashier your Benny
  • If there are sufficient funds and at least some of your purchases are eligible, the amount of those purchases will be deducted automatically from your account and payment will be electronically transferred to the provider/merchant
  • In most cases no further follow-up is required
  • If you have a Limited Healthcare Flexible Spending Account, your card may only be used for dental and vision expenses
  • Save your receipts. Benny has a very high approval rate but you may be asked to submit some receipts to verify that your expenses comply with IRS guidelines. Your receipt must show the merchant or provider name, service received or item purchased, date and amount of the expense

Click here for a list of stores that accept Benny

Using your Benny Prepaid Benefits Card at the Doctor, Dentist or Optical Office

  • Many doctors, dentists and eye care professionals will allow you to use your Benny like a credit card to pay for services
  • Standard co-pay amounts will not require follow-up by you
  • Dental, optical, hospital and testing claims however, often require follow-up as these services can be for cosmetic procedures which are not eligible expenses under a Flexible Spending Account
  • If you receive a letter from Chard Snyder, send a copy of your receipt along with a copy of the letter to Chard Snyder, 3510 Irwin Simpson Road, Mason, OH 45040 or fax it to 888.245.8452

Using Benny for Over-the-Counter Healthcare Items

Many vendors code over-the-counter merchandise such as bandages and prescriptions so that Benny recognizes them at the cash register. This is known as the IIAS system and these purchases do not require further approval.

Some vendors choose not to participate in the IIAS system but are certified so that you may use the card. When you use the card at certified vendors you will receive a letter from Chard Snyder asking for copies of your receipts.

Email or call us if you have a question! We'll be glad to explain.

Why am I being asked to send in additional documentation?

The Benny Prepaid Benefits Card is an easy way to keep cash in your pocket while using your Flexible Spending Account. Most payments made with the card are approved automatically, so no further paperwork is required.

However, because your Flexible Spending Account dollars are tax free, IRS regulations will often require you to submit an itemized receipt, bill or Explanation of Benefits (EOB) later as proof that your expense was eligible. If we do not receive your proof, you will not be allowed to use your card until you do supply evidence that your purchase was eligible.

Activate Your Benny Prepaid Benefits Card

Click here to activate your Benny Prepaid Benefits Card.


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