COBRA & Billing Administration

COBRA and Billing Administration are the main components that make up our benefit continuation services. They provide strong support and offer a continued peace of mind for employers and employees alike.

COBRA & Billing Administration

We administer continuing coverage of group health benefits to employees and their families at the occurrence of certain qualifying events where the coverage would otherwise end. Offering this service is critical to employees who rely on their health benefits and to the employer who wants accurate and timely management of the benefits.

Flexibility, Compliance & Time Saved for Employers and Employees

  • Participant and beneficiary information placed in the system by Chard Snyder allowing employers to check status, monitor activity, and add or remove participants
  • Minimized corporate exposure to liability and costly penalties
  • Easy to navigate website and online portals for employers and participants
  • Electronic payment options – one time or recurring

Billing Administration

We manage the process of providing company-sponsored benefits to self-paying retirees, former employees, and/or employees on a leave of absence or disability. Trusting your billing administration to us eases your workload and creates a secure, simple way for current and former employees to manage these important costs.